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Delaware's 1st Bookshop Connected to a Bike

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And Hopefully, Raise



in the Process.

To be frank, Wilmington is a city in desperate need of a “third space” to reform the mind through creative exposure. In December 2014, Wilmington was named “Murder Town USA” by Newsweek and the following year ABC announced it would launch a primetime drama of the same name starring Jada Pinkett Smith. Today, the show has been called off due to the outcry among city politicians and residents. Unfortunately, all the negative attributes of the city (crime, murder, drug use) still run rampant.

Missing, is a dedicated space for residents to release community frustrations through art, debate, and literature. In January 2015, as an eternally curious student who believes that change can only occur through action, I applied to Kingston University’s Master’s in Publishing program in London. I wanted to get an experiential understanding of the industry to begin making practical changes to Wilmington’s literary landscape. Experiencing London’s bustling mobile business market and thriving creative culture helped me cultivate my idea for a mobile bookshop.


While abroad, I discovered that our travels, like books, help us uncover ourselves and our purpose, we merely have to find our truth from such an experience, and follow this truth wherever it may take us. Such a revelation is the foundation for Brevity. What better way to educate and impart understanding to a city than a traveling bookspace, with diverse books written by a diverse set of authors from around the globe. I would like to use Brevity to bring together a community with books...books that can offer the opportunity to transform a life, a soul, and a city.



& Brevity

How it all started

As the founder of Brevity I must be honest.


My own truth, free of fiction, is that I am a glutton.


This gluttony falls outside the traditional sense of the word, regarding more of an insatiable desire for all things literary. I make alphabet soup of sentences and eat novels in greedy-meaty handfuls. I prefer the darker meat like the works of Chester Himes, Henry Dumas, Michael Ventura, and Andrew Smith -- fiction that breaks back the ribs of its characters to reveal the true essence of the human condition.


My delicately tuned reading tastebuds feel that sensation now and again, but less with each novel I devour. Unfortunately after the closing of Ninth Street Bookshop, downtown Wilmington was left without a bookshop. Outside of the nearest Barnes and Noble there is no bookshop within Wilmington selling diverse fiction, offering creative "third spaces" for writers to share and create literary work, or "safe space" for inner city residents to garner literary interest.



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Valley Garden Park

Hanes Park 

Speakman Park


Farmer's Markets

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The Westside of Wilmington

Rodney Square 

Market Street Mall

Thank you for loving words and support our efforts. No matter the message I will respond as soon as possible! Peace and Light!

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